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Novartis Issues Clomicalm Warning

clomicalmNovartis has sent letters to U.S. veterinarians that there is a possibility that there could be packaging issues with the pet medication Clomicalm. Novartis is warning that there is a “rare” possibility that a wrong tablet could be found in in Clomicalm bottles currently in veterinary clinics or already dispensed to consumers. Novartis notes that it has not received any actual reports of this potential “mix-up”. Consumers that have Clomicalm should inspect the tablets to ensure they are all the same. Images of Clomicalm can be found at www.petwellness.com/clomicalm. Novartis is issuing the warning because Clomicalm is packaged on the same line as some of its consumer products which have reported mixups of different products in the same bottles. Novartis recently closed the plant that produces the products while it improves quality controls (see here). Pet owners currently using Clomicalm should consult with their veterinarians and may consider the generic Clomipramine HCL as a substitute. Novartis noted that this warning does not affect its other animal products which are packaged in a different manner and on a different line from Clomicalm.

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