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Nutritional Supplements for Pets with Chronic Kidney Disease

epakitin blog2 editedManaging kidney disease involves a multifaceted therapeutic regimen that usually includes diet, medications, and supplements. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is considered one of the leading causes of death in dogs and cats. Although there is no cure, CKD treatment is geared toward stabilizing renal function and can be managed to provide a good quality of life.

Along with a prescription renal diet, your veterinarian may recommend nutritional supplements such as Epakitin, Azodyl, and/or Renal K+. Azodyl is a probiotic/prebiotic combination that helps support the reduction of azotemia (elevated blood urea nitrogen and creatinine). These beneficial bacteria promote extraction of urea and other substances from the intestinal tissues, thus preventing absorption and eventual circulation into the body. Epakitin is a phosphate binder made of chitosan, calcium carbonate, lactose, and hydrolyzed soy protein. Epakitin promotes kidney function by binding to the phosphorus in the intestinal tract, preventing its absorption. Reduction of phosphorus encourages a balanced phosphorus-calcium metabolism in the body. Renal K+ is a potassium supplement with B-complex vitamins used to manage hypokalemia (low potassium levels) in cats and dogs. The damaged kidneys are unable to conserve potassium and can cause side effects such as weakness, reluctance to move, drooping of the head or neck. Renal K+ helps to pet to maintain normal potassium levels.

These supplements are highly palatable, easily administered, conveniently added to food, and readily used in conjunction with other therapies. A combination of Azodyl, Epakitin, and Renal K+ promote kidney health and aid in the management of CKD. If your pet has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, ask your veterinarian if these supplements can be added to the treatment plan.

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  • Mel June 10, 2015, 8:19 am

    We couldn’t get our pup to take the medicine and then she stopped eating all together..then we tried something new & it worked!! Mix the powder in pumpkin, it masks the taste, and most dogs LOVE pumpkin!

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