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Obesity is a Serious Problem for Pets [Pet Obesity Infographic]

Obesity is no longer just a problem for the American people. The obesity rate of pets in the U.S. has reached an alarming percentage, with 54% of four-legged companions being either overweight or obese.

Too many extra pounds on your feline or canine companion can lead to serious health problems including certain forms of cancer, liver problems, digestive problems, joint deterioration, high blood pressure and heart disease. To give their pets the best chance at a long life, pet parents should make healthy eating and exercise a priority. If your sweet pup or kitty is packing on a few extra pounds, speak with your veterinarian about lifestyle changes and a diet plan that meet your pet’s needs.

To learn more about obesity in dogs and cats, check out VetDepot’s Pet Obesity Infographic and spread the word! A healthy weight is essential in maintaining a good quality of life for your furry best friend.

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