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Pet Halloween Costume Safety

dog costumes blogThere’s nothing more adorable than dressing your four-legged monster up in a costume for Halloween. As cute as pet Halloween costumes are, it’s important to keep safety in mind.

Please read and share these four pet Halloween costume safety tips!

1.) Think visibility: If you’re planning on taking your dog along while trick-or-treating, be sure the costume is reflective. If not, consider adding some reflective tape to the costume so that your dog will easily be seen by drivers.

2.) Check for small parts or loose ends: If ingested, buttons, loose fabric, and other parts can cause an intestinal obstruction in dogs and cats. Opt for a costume without too many extra parts that could become detached.

3.) Ensure proper fit: Costumes that are too tight may restrict a pet’s movement and breathing. Choose a size that allows your pet to comfortably move around and has plenty of room around the neck area. Also, costumes that are too heavy can tire out pets or even cause heat exhaustion.

4.) Use common sense: If your pet seems hot, agitated, or otherwise uncomfortable, it’s probably time to remove the costume. Snap your photos at the beginning of the night so you can remove your pet’s costume as soon as it becomes bothersome.

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  • Jordan Walker October 21, 2014, 5:39 pm

    I’m so excited for the Halloween and I am planning on taking my dog Max for our yearly trick or treat. I am still thinking about what would be the best costume for him but one thing is for sure, I will add some reflective tape to his costume.

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