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Pet Myths Debunked

-Cats Only Purr When They Are Happy

Purring is the first sound a kitten makes at the early age of 48 hours old. Cats purr mainly at times of comfort and contentment but may also purr when in pain.

-Dogs Only Wag Their Tail When Their Happy

Dogs wag their tails for many reasons. The most common reasons a dog wags their tail is due to happiness or nervousness. Learning to read what your dog is telling you when exposed to specific environments will go a long way in strengthening your relationship with him.

-If My Dog’s Nose Is Dry, He Is Sick
This is not true. Occasional dryness is perfectly normal. When a dog sleeps his nose will become dry because he stops licking at it. This causes the flow of moisture to his nasal area to stop making it moist. Dehydration and allergies can cause a dog’s nose to become dry as well.

-Cats Always Land on Their Feet
This is not entirely 100% true. While a majority of cats in fact do land on their feet, there are many factors to consider. Specifically, the age and health of the falling cat as well as the height of the fall itself play a large factor. The older and less healthy the cat is, the least likely the chances are of the cat landing safely as their reflexes are not as quick of that of a younger, healthier cat. When cats begin to fall they shift their balance from the moment the fall begins. A cat’s body reflexively corrects its course so that his feet are in position to hit the ground first. His legs will absorb the shock of the landing. A healthy cat with quick reflexes will likely be able to land on their feet and survive a fall from 5 stories or below with minimal injury.

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