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Pet Photography Tips for Beginners

kitten camera blogYou already know your pet is as adorable as they come, so it’s natural to want to capture that cute face on camera. However, taking pictures of a squirming puppy or a cat that refuses to look at the camera isn’t always an easy task. Below are four tips for capturing the perfect pet photos:

1.) Practice patience: Enticing your pet to sit still long enough to snap the perfect shot can be difficult to say the least. Know that getting a great photo may take a few tries and getting frustrated with your pet won’t make for happy memories associated with the picture.

2.) Let your pet act natural: Sometimes, the best photos are of pets doing what they do best. That might be lounging on their favorite chair, chewing on their new toy, or even begging at the table! Capturing your pet’ s personality will make for a more memorable photo (and it’s a lot easier than staging a formal photo shoot).

3.) Use treats: Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to convince your pet to do something when food is part of the deal. Offer lots of praise and a special snack for being so cooperative.

4.) Have fun! If both you and your pet are having a good time during the shoot, it will shine through in the photos. Try going outside or snapping a selfie with your pet. Whatever you do, just enjoy! The best photographs are often the silliest.

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  • shirlene August 19, 2014, 8:21 am

    Some of my best photos are the zany ones I thought of at first as flops, while the ones I got perfectly posed weren’t all that inspiring. I often just take a LOT of photos, then select the most striking ones to save to a file. I make origami frames, and some of the pics that were interesting, but not perfect (not centered, etc) are stunning when placed in the right frame. Patience is the key word.

  • Bob Minsky August 19, 2014, 12:15 pm

    Like everyone else, my dog is unique. He’s a yorkie Chihuahua mix. He’s relatively calm for a small breed but he does not and will not play with a toy. The only thing that he responds to is squirrels. But we have not found a toy he will play with. He is also not into treats or canned or dry dog food. So getting his attention for pictures is a bit trying, but my real question regards the camera flash. Do pets eventually get use to them or will they make a dog camera shy?

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