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Pet Spotlight: Meet Sparky!

Sparky is 6 1/2 years old and is an Agouti

Sparky’s story is a special one. Along with her 7 siblings, Sparky was rescued as a baby by her sweet human Mama named Julia, who has a passion for bunny rescue.  All of the 8 babies were paired off when Julia rescued them. If you’re not familiar with bunny terminology, pairing/bonding is essential to a rabbit’s livelihood.

Rabbits live longer, healthier and happier lives if they have a partner to share their life with. Having a partner is key to their happiness. Rabbits typically bond with rabbits with similar personalties and the process can be a tough one. In fact, some rabbits may not even bond with any of the other rabbits they live with.

When introducing rabbits to each other with the intention of bonding, there are guidelines to follow. All rabbits must be spayed/neutered and be healthy. Their first introduction should be away from the home rabbit’s territory. Rabbits must be introduced slowly and carefully ensuring the rabbits are demonstrating positive body language. Positive body language includes demonstrating relaxed behaviors, purring, or grooming. If either rabbit shows aggressive body language such as growling, biting, or chasing, the introduction should be stopped to prevent fighting. The introduction can be picked up again another day. This process can take some time. However, once they form bonds, the rabbits will be inseparable. The bond is so powerful that the separation or loss of a partner(s) can cause great heartache.

Sadly, Sparky’s original partner passed away. So you can imagine what grief and sadness Sparky was experiencing. Initially after the loss of Sparky’s partner, Julia tried to bond Sparky with two of her sisters she grew up with. Unfortunately, despite living together, Sparky and her two sisters didn’t bond because they didn’t like each other and would fight.

About a month after Sparky’s partner passed, Julia rescued another bunny named Theodore, with the hope that one day Sparky would bond with him.

When Julia introduced Sparky to Theodore they both began grooming each other! This is extremely rare in the world of bunny bonding as it typically takes multiple introductions before rabbits will bond. It was clear to Julia that these two were in desperate need of each other. Their instant connection is precious and doesn’t happen often. As you can see by the pictures of Sparky and Theodore, they truly adore each other.

Sparky enjoys living in sunny San Diego, California with her partner/husband Theodore. Not only is Sparky lucky to have bonded with Theodore, but she’s also lucky to have such a caring and compassionate Mama like Julia!

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