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Pets and the Holidays

Thanksgiving may officially be over but the howliday season is in full swing! Along with this magical time comes lots of eating… and over-eating. However, this is something that shouldn’t apply to our pets.

The problem is that at this time of the year, with parties and friends coming and going, it’s often difficult to monitor the food and snacks put out for guests and, if you turn your back, pets might be tempted to help themselves!

It’s not only chocolate that is toxic to pets, but many other things from grapes to onions and more. If you are preparing a spread, it’s a good idea to cover everything with a net cloth or keep each individual dish wrapped until needed to deter food snatching.

The same applies when you have cleared the table after a feast. Pets have to be kept out of the kitchen or again, the leftovers have to be protected. Corncobs and bones if swallowed can be fatal. In addition, just simply over-eating can cause tummy upsets and depending what has been consumed, can also cause diarrhea.

If your pets are prone to attempting to help themselves, and succeed in snatching, it’s a good idea to have medications on hand in your home just in case. There are a lot of different products to choose from such as Anti-Diarrheals and many more.

At the same time, there is no reason your pet can’t enjoy a special treat of their own in moderation. Treats make a great gift for four-legged family members who don’t want to miss out on this special time of year.

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