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Pets Need Fall Flea Protection

pets-fall-flea-protectionWhile summer is the season traditionally associated with flea problems, fall is prime flea time as well.

Fleas tend to be happy about precipitation and most areas get more rain, and eventually snow, in the fall than in the summer. Hard frosts may limit flea activity, but by then many fleas are safely ensconced in snug animal burrows and in the heavy winter fur coats of outdoor wildlife and pets. Of course, any fleas that might already be in your house are perfectly happily enjoying your climate controlled lifestyle.

Wildlife may decide to show up in your house or yard this fall. Squirrels hit feeders for food supplies for their semi-hibernation and drop off fleas on the way. Chipmunks, mice and red squirrels may try to get into your house or basement. Skunks patrol the neighborhood for food to help them through the winter. All of these animals could have fleas and could spread them into areas where your pets can pick them up.

There are several great flea control pet medications out there. These include Frontline Plus, Advantage II and Sentinel for dogs. Be sure that you only use feline-safe products for your cat. Some dog products can be toxic, even fatal if used on cats. Always follow dosing instructions carefully.

If your area has ticks, consider a topical medication that also deals with ticks such as K9 Advantix II. Ticks are active all year as well. Don’t stop flea protection now or you may pay the price. Treating a flea infested house is expensive and time consuming.

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