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Post Hurricane Concerns for Pet Owners

hurricane-pet-safetyThe recent hurricane Irene was a reminder of how important it is to make preparations to keep your family and pets safe in case a natural disaster occurs. For those of you in areas of the country prone to these powerful storms, it’s also a good idea to know what to do after a hurricane hits to protect your furry family members. Here are a few post-storm tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your animals all have safe water. If you need to boil yours, you need to boil theirs! Rain water collected from the storm in clean containers or outside water tubs should be safe.
  • Check your fence lines carefully. A tree lying on the fence can lower it enough for your animals to escape.
  • Check the bottom of your fences as well. Rushing water can create tunnels or channels where a dog could sneak out.
  • If trees are down in your pasture, remove them. Some wilted leaves can be toxic to pets. Red maple leaves that are wilted are very toxic to horses and can make dogs ill as well.
  • Check any bags of food that were left in garages, sheds, basements or barns to be sure they stayed dry. If they got wet, throw them out. Molds will easily grow on wet feed.
  • Check any outside housing, including doghouses, for wildlife that may have sought shelter there. A skunk in a doghouse or barn can add to your misery.
  • Take precautions to minimize mosquito exposure for your animals. There is still some warm summer weather left and now there is plenty of water for mosquito larvae to develop in. Consider a flea preventative like K9 Advantix II that also protects against mosquitos.
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