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Preparing Your Pet for Emergencies

No matter what we do, emergencies due to weather are bound to arise. It’s common practice to have a plan in place for these events with our families, but does your emergency plan include your pets? Including your pets in your emergency preparedness can be easily overlooked as it may just be assumed care for your pets will fall into place. What isn’t accounted for sometimes is how your pet may react to an emergency. Loud noises from wind, rain, or thunder may frighten your pal causing them to become anxious and scared. While us humans understand where these noises are coming from, our pets do not, which makes it extra nerve wracking. Some pets become so anxious that they may try to escape and run away. This is incredibly common so much so that animal shelters see a rise in lost animals after storms. This is an important reason to keep an identification tag on your pet at all times. Microchipping your pet and ensuring  your contact information is up to date is a wise idea as well.

Whether disastrous weather is expected or not, you should always have ample supplies for your pet. It’s not uncommon for weather to turn severe when it wasn’t expected, this makes preparedness so vital. Having enough food and water for your pet during an emergency is just as important as it is for you and should always be considered. Necessities to include are:

-3 day supply of food and water

Collar or harness with ID tag, rabies tag, and a leash

-Pet carrier

-Medication and medical records including registration information and vaccination documents

-Toys, bedding, and treats

There is a chance that while an emergency may arise, you may not be at home or may not have access to get back home. Preparing for this type of scenario is necessary. Having a trusted neighbor or friend who lives nearby to check on your pet in this scenario is important. Not only will it ease your pets peace of mind, but also yours. No matter what, leaving your pet behind is never an option. Prior preparedness ensures this will not happen. It’s easy to put emergency preparedness on the back burner, but in doing so it results in extra stress on you and your pet. As a family, come up with a plan today and ensure all supplies for your pets are in an area easily accessible and known to all family members. Emergencies can be scary, but being prepared will greatly aide in getting through them with your pet.

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