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Preventing Obesity

Obesity in pets is becoming more common, making it a necessity to spread awareness. Obesity can affect both dogs and cats and as pet owners it’s our responsibility to manage our pet’s health, including weight management. When pets are overly nourished and lack exercise, obesity is sure to have a negative impact on their lives. Obesity may lead to arthritis, diseases such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, as well as a decrease in life expectancy. Our pets are family and we would do anything to keep them safe. Obesity leads to numerous health problems including disease so it’s important to prevent obesity. Even the smallest adjustments to your pet’s lifestyle make a world of difference. The following suggestions are beneficial in preventing obesity in your pet:

  • Avoid overfeeding your pet. While Fido may stare at you adoringly with those big beautiful eyes that make it difficult to resist telling him no, fight the urge to give your pet extra food. This creates a negative habit and your pet may begin to expect extra food daily. This behavior makes it easy to pack on the pounds. Even a few extra pounds on your pet make a huge difference in their daily life. In addition, avoid feeding your pet junk food. We’ve all been there, sitting on the couch watching our favorite show with our favorite potato chips to snack on, when suddenly you notice your fur baby looking adorable wanting a taste. His or her cuteness pulls at your heartstrings and you give in and share your chips. Fight the urge to do this, no matter how cute they make look.


  • If your pet is overweight, and is having health problems discuss a low fat diet rich in fiber and protein with their veterinarian. Protein gives a boost of energy as well as gives the feeling of fullness so that your pet will not feel hungry again so soon after eating. Ensure you stick with this diet and work closely with your pet’s veterinarian to monitor and maintain your pets diet. You may be surprised at how your pet’s health improves by solely adjusting their diet.


  • Get out and play! Taking your dog for a 10 minute walk around the block every day is not only great for both of your health, but your dog will enjoy getting out of the house. Throw the ball around and play fetch. Your cat will love chasing feathers and simply dangling any appealing toy above them will intrigue them and get them moving. Becoming more active with your pet will be a great bonding experience for the both of you. Not only will you both look forward to this everyday, but your pet’s health will improve and you will help to prevent and maintain their weight in order to prevent obesity.
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