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Protect Your Cat from Fire Hazards

cat and candle blogTis’ the season for cold temperatures and holiday decorations, which means there are plenty of fire hazard risks for your curious cat. Below are three tips for protecting your cat from these winter dangers:

Purchase a fireplace screen: It’s not uncommon for cats to be entranced by the site of dancing flames. To protect your cat from burns, purchase a fireplace screen and try to supervise your cat while there’s a fire burning.

Opt for flameless candles: Whether it’s a menorah or a festive scented candle, open flames are all too common this time of year. To ensure safety, consider the flameless variety and never leave an open flame unattended.

Prevent electrical cord burns: Those holiday lights may be pretty, but they also pose a serious danger for your cat. Biting into a chord can cause mouth burns or even death by electrocution. Even getting too close to a bulb can cause a burn. Unplug decorative lights when you’re not there and purchase pet-proof extension cords.

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