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Puppies Shouldn’t Be Weaned Before 8 Weeks of Age

puppy weaning blogNew research confirms that dogs should stay with their mothers and litter-mates until they are at least two months old.

Veterinary Record recently published the results of a survey of the owners of 140 dogs that were purchased from pet stores, breeders, friends or relatives.  These dogs were divided into two groups:  the first included dogs that were weaned between the ages of 30 and 40 days and the second included those that were weaned at 60 days of age.  Each owner was asked whether or not their dog had exhibited any of the following behaviors:

  1. Destructiveness
  2. Excessive barking
  3. Fearfulness of walk
  4. Reactivity to noises
  5. Toy possessiveness
  6. Food possessiveness
  7. Attention-seeking
  8. Aversion to strangers
  9. Stranger aggression
  10. Owner aggression
  11. Play biting
  12. Tail chasing
  13. Paw licking
  14. Shadow staring
  15. Pica
  16. House soiling

Statistical analysis of the survey’s results indicated that dogs that had been weaned early were significantly more likely to exhibit potentially problematic behaviors (specifically the first 7 listed above), especially if they came from a pet shop.

If your dog suffers from behavioral issues, talk to your veterinarian about a dog behavior modification plan. Also, there are some dog medications available to help with behavioral issues.


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