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Puppy Bowl Attracts Millions of Viewers

PUPPY-BOWL blogFootball fans across the country tuned in on Sunday to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. But there was also a cuter, furrier competition going on during the big day, known as the Puppy Bowl.

The 10th Annual Puppy Bowl, which aired on Animal Planet, attracted millions of viewers. Dogs from 30 different animal shelters and rescue groups across the country participated in this year’s big game.  The starting lineup included a 14-week-old Brittany Spaniel Mix named Loren, an adorable Dachshund mix named Mandy, and a fluffy little Great Pyrenees named Shyla.

Viewers were in for a real treat as the puppies pounced and played their way around the field. Although no official Puppy Bowl champion is named, the awareness raised for adoption is certainly a big win.

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