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Report Reveals Americans Spent $58 Billion on Pet Care in 2014

Dog tug of war blogThere’s no doubt about it, people love their pets. Between the latest healthy pet food trends, best looking accessories, and preventative pet medications to support optimal health, pet owners spent more on pet care in 2014 than ever before. According to a recent report released by the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent around $58 billion on pet care last year.

What was most of the money spent on?

At almost $22 billion, the biggest chunk of the $58 billion was spent on pet food. This is no surprise considering some pet food companies are producing food deemed human-grade by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Pet owners are paying attention to their furry friends’ diets and pet food is following human nutrition trends like gluten-free and low calorie.

Second on the spending list was veterinary care, coming in at $15 billion. Coming in a close third ($14 billion) was spending on pet supplies like beds, collars, and over-the-counter flea control.

How can pet owners save money?

Since pets have become such an important part of the family, it’s hard to spare any expense on their care. But, there are a few ways pet parents can save some cash without sacrificing quality care:

  • Don’t skip on preventative care: Catching ailments early on can be a big money saver when it comes to veterinary care, so don’t skip those annual check-ups.
  • Buy in bulk: Large bags of pet food or several months worth of flea control typically makes more financial sense than smaller quantities.
  • Order online: Pet medications are often significantly cheaper when purchased from online pharmacies. Learn how VetDepot can help save you money on your pet’s prescription medications.
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