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Safe Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks make pets itchy and miserable. They can also transmit a number of diseases, some of which are potentially fatal. Many different types of flea and tick control are available. Some are more effective than others, some are safer than others, and some, while safe for dogs, can kill cats. Even a cat that simply cuddles up with or grooms a dog that has been recently treated is at risk.

So which flea and tick preventative is best? While no product is best in every situation, the one that many veterinarians have been recommending and using on their own pets for years is Frontline Plus. It is safe and effective for both dogs and cats, which makes it ideal for a household that is home to both species. It is a convenient, waterproof, monthly spot-on product and is available without a prescription.

Best of all, Frontline Plus is very safe. The liquid is not really absorbed into your pet’s body but travels across the skin and into the hair follicles where it is continually “reapplied” as oil is secreted into your pet’s coat. Some animals may react locally where the product is applied – hair loss and skin irritation have been reported, but more serious side effects are extremely rare.

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