Save Money on Pet Medications

by VetDepot on July 21, 2011

pet-medicationsTaking good care of the family pet can be an expensive endeavor.  Pet food, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick medications, grooming supplies, veterinary visits – all of these things can add up.  However, owners that are willing to put in a little effort can save a lot of money without compromising the health of their furry companions. Here are a few tips for keeping pet care costs down:

  • Don’t skimp on preventative measures:  The vaccinations, heartworm prevention medication, dental care and other preventative measures that your veterinarian recommends are a steal when you compare them to the cost of treating the serious ailments they ward off.
  • Go generic:  Generic pet medications are just as effective and often much less expensive than the brand name options.
  • Comparison shop for routine purchases:  The heartworm preventative or flea and tick medication that you get from your veterinarian is probably available online for less money.  The same goes for many of the medications used to treat chronic conditions like arthritis, hypo and hyperthyroidism, allergies and Cushing’s disease.  Reputable online pharmacies are fully licensed, legal and offer the exact same pet medications available at your veterinarian’s office.
  • Bundle purchases to qualify for free shipping:  Most online veterinary pharmacies offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, so plan your shopping to take advantage of these offers.
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