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Seasonal Allergies

Have you ever noticed your cat or dog suddenly seems very itchy when they never were before? You may have noticed your fur baby sneezing more often or rubbing against furniture more to relieve that nagging itch. It can be scary and frustrating when our pets appear like their normal sweet, calm self one day, but become miserable the next. As pet lovers this makes us feel helpless and scared. We want more than anything to make our fur child’s discomfort go away, but first we must pinpoint what’s causing it!

It’s more than likely season allergies. Just like their humans, cats and dogs may develop seasonal allergies. This occurs when their immune system becomes sensitive to substances they are exposed to in their environment. This can be due to seasonal changes in weather or products within the household they come into contact with. If your pet has never had these issues before it’s important to keep an eye on the frequency of their symptoms and determine the cause of their allergies.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Include:



Itchy nose, eyes, or skin causing increased scratching, licking or rubbing

Watery nose or eyes

Red eyes

Increased snoring

Ear pain demonstrated by head shaking

Chewing or biting their paws or other areas of their body resulting in sores

Hair loss

These symptoms are a sure sign an allergy is what’s bothering your pet. If your pet is demonstrating these symptoms try to determine if it’s due to a household product you recently started using. Symptoms can be caused by irritation due to a new perfume you began wearing or detergents used to wash bedding your pet sleeps on. If your pet continues to suffer from symptoms, this indicates that your pet may in fact be experiencing those symptoms due to the change in season.

Seasonal Allergies Can Be Caused By:






What should you do if any of these symptoms describe your cat or dog’s recent behavior? Make an appointment for them to be evaluated by their vet. Your vet will be able to assess your pet’s situation and determine the best course of action. It’s critical to follow your vet’s recommendations. Your cat or dog may be prescribed allergy fighting medications or treatments. 

If your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, it’s important to remember that while some treatments work wonderfully for one pet, the same treatment may not alleviate another pet of their allergy. No two dogs or cats are made alike, just like their humans, they are unique and special individuals. Don’t get discouraged if you need to determine a different treatment plan with your vet, or try a few remedies to find the perfect solution for your pet.

If you personally suffer from seasonal allergies you know how important it is to find relief for your symptoms. Your allergy suffering pet will thank you with tons of kisses and cuddles for finding them relief too!

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