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Six of the Most Adorable Fall-Themed Pet Names

fall bulldog blogWith a new season sometimes comes new beginnings. For some families, this might mean a four-legged addition to the household. If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect name for your new best friend, you might want to consider one of these too-cute names that remind us of all things autumn!

1.) Boo
2.) Spooky
3.) Spice
4.) Chestnut
5.) Cinnamon
6.) Pumpkin

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  • connie hodge October 17, 2014, 9:05 am

    The names are cute, I have had a couple of Autumms, Amber, Misty Lace, Ms. Stachio, Pistachio, Sinbad Go-Tee, MR. Calico (yes he really was a male); Carmel; Chantilly Lace; LuLu; Mother Theresa (had 5 of her own kittens, and fostered 5 of another that the mom was hit by a car); Vanna Blue (black & white w/blue eyes); Cricket & Shawnee (odd-eyed calicos); Dee-Dee (creme tabby & white w/2 blue eyes); Tyson, Bon Jovi; Curly; Levi. Being a rescue, sometimes it is hard to come up with a name that hasn’t been already used. Keep up the good work.
    Connie Hodge
    Kitty-Korner Cat & Kitten Rescue
    Clare, Mi.

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