Six of the Quietest Dog Breeds

by VetDepot on May 27, 2014

great dane quiet blogSome dogs have a lot to say, while others seem to limit their barking to rare occasions. If you’re looking for a dog that’s on the quieter side, the following breeds might make good options:

1.) Collie: Although by no means a silent breed, collies tend to only vocalize when they really have something to say. If given an appropriate outlet for their energy, these dogs aren’t typically a nuisance with their barking.

2.) Golden Retriever: These lovable dogs are known for making wonderful family companions. They tend to be much more interested in playing and chasing tennis balls than barking.

3.) Mastiff: Mastiffs are known to be incredibly loving and protective. They have a demanding presence and often reach 200 pounds, so barking is rarely necessary to ward off potential dangers.

4.) Whippet: This athletic breed thrives on activity, but is also perfect for quietly snuggling up with on the couch.

5.) Newfoundland: This breed is large, intelligent, courageous, and one of the quietest in the canine world. If you need more of a reason to love Newfoundlands, they’re also fiercely loyal and love children.

6.) Great Dane (pictured): These gentle giants don’t feel the need to express their opinions very often. However, on the rare occasion that they do bark, their voices are deeper and louder than most other dogs.

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