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Slentrol is an Option for Overweight Dogs

slentrol-overweight-dogsWeight gain is a growing problem for our canine companions.  In fact, information suggests that there may be as many as 17 million overweight or obese dogs living in the United States alone.  Overweight dogs are at an increased risk for a wide variety of health problems.

If your dog is overweight, reduce his caloric intake by about 15% and increase the amount of exercise he gets.  Caloric restriction can be accomplished by cutting back on treats, reducing the amount you feed of your dog’s current food or switching to an over-the-counter “diet” dog food.

If none of this works, talk to your veterinarian.  He or she can design an individualized diet and exercise plan, recommend a prescription-only “diet” dog food, and determine whether Slentrol is an appropriate option for your dog.

Slentrol works by blocking the absorption of some types of fat from the intestinal track, which makes your dog feel full and reduces his appetite.  Slentrol for dogs is available by prescription only because it needs to be part of an over-all weight loss program that includes diet and exercise.  You and your veterinarian should work together while your dog is on Slentrol to monitor the speed of which he is losing weight and adjust the Slentrol dosage accordingly.

Used appropriately, Slentrol is one option when addressing the serious problem of canine obesity.

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