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Summer is Just Around the Corner… Make the Most of it with your Pet!

summer-petsLonger days, warmer temperatures…  summer is on its way.  And most pet owners make the most of the changing seasons by getting outside more.  Make summer more fun for the whole family by including pets in your activities whenever appropriate.

Dogs appreciate long walks, hikes, swims, and trips to the dog park.  For the canine athletes amongst us, consider fly ball, agility classes, or herd dog trials.  If you want your extra time outside to serve a greater purpose, you and your dog could train to become part of a search and rescue team.

Cats appreciate sun and fresh air as well.  This can be accomplished by simply opening up a screened window and placing a comfortable cat bed or perch nearby.  If you are feeling more adventurous, train your cat to walk on a leash, go for a ride in a kitty stroller, or look in to purchasing or building a cat enclosure for the back yard.

Summer fun does come with its own set of cautions, however.  Hot temperatures, particularly when combined with high humidity and/or exercise, can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Make sure your pet has cool water to drink and a shady area to rest in.  Never leave your pet alone in the car during the summer.  Heat can quickly build up to dangerous levels even when the windows are left partially open. If your dog or cat has become overheated and appears to be in distress, move him to a cool location and call your veterinarian immediately.

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