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Summer Tips from Your Dog

Summer officially begins this week! With all the fun activities planned this Summer, don’t forget to include your best friend in some safe activities. Below are four pieces of advice that we can take from our four-legged best friends this summer:

1. Play in the water: You might notice your dog running around in the sprinklers or your kitty playing with a dripping faucet. Take a page out of your pet’s playbook and don’t be afraid to cool off with a little water fun! Playing in those sprinklers with your pup might just be a great bonding experience as well as some welcome heat relief.

2. Be adventurous: Rain or shine, it seems like your dog is always leading the way on your adventures together. Summer is the perfect opportunity for camping, beach trips, and other adventures. Just be sure to plan accordingly for the weather by avoiding the hottest part of the day and bringing plenty of water and sun protection.

3. Drink plenty of H2O: Dogs and cats don’t have other summertime beverage temptations like lemonade and margaritas, so it’s easier for them to listen to their bodies and drink plenty of water to quench their thirst. Take a tip from your four-legged best friend and reach for that water to stay hydrated.

4. Make time for an afternoon nap: When the summertime heat gets to be a little too much, sometimes the best thing to do is find a cool place to catch some z’s.

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