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Thanksgiving Preparations with Pets: Part One

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for bringing family and friends together to share a delicious meal and good times. For many pets however, it is not such an enjoyable holiday.

There are pets that enjoy a good party and plenty of people. With these social pets, the main concern is being sure they don’t slip out a door when guests arrive. Watching escape routes should be a major concern with all pets. It’s a good idea to keep your pets behind gates a room or two away from the main entrance to provide an extra safety barrier.

It may even be safest to keep your pet confined in a room with a solid door, a pet crate or a carrier until all the guests have arrived. Then confine the pets again when people start to leave.

Pets that aren’t so social might do best confined to a quiet room or area. Social pets may get overtired with all the company and excitement and need a break too. Remember that non pet owning guests may not know how to handle a dog, cat, bird, reptile or bunny properly.

Another concern is food and drink left where pets can get into it. People not used to living with pets think nothing of getting up and leaving an alcoholic drink or potentially pet toxic food item on a low lying coffee table. You would hate to spend the holiday at the emergency clinic! It may work best to keep pets out of the food serving and eating areas if possible. Enforce a solid no feeding rule for your animals. Children tend to obey black and white rules the best.

A holiday with plenty of friends and family over can be loads of fun, but be sure to think of your pets’ safety when planning!

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