The Benefits of Adopting an Adult Dog

by VetDepot on August 21, 2014

pretty pit bull adopt blogUnfortunately, some people have the idea that adult dogs in shelters are damaged goods. They must have ended up there because they were bad dogs, right? Wrong. Most dogs find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own, and there are a lot of benefits to giving one of these deserving dogs a second chance:

1.) What you see is what you get: If you adopt a mature dog, there’s no chance of that tiny puppy reaching a surprising 80 pounds. An adult dog’s size and temperament is pretty well established.

2.) There’s no puppy drama: Everyone knows that puppies are a serious time commitment and some accidents and chewed up shoes are a likely occurrence. Of course, adult dogs still need plenty of attention, but they have more independence than a puppy and there’s a good chance they’ve already received some sort of training.

3.) The satisfaction of knowing you saved a life: An adult dog has probably had a home or two in his life and has experienced plenty of disappointment. Adopting a shelter dog means saving a life, and your new best friend will thank you with years of loyal companionship and love!

If you’re interested in adoption, contact your local shelter or rescue group. Someone will help you find the best possible match for your family and lifestyle.

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