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The Benefits of Dental Chews

greenies-dentalPet Dental Health Month isn’t over quite yet! While almost everyone agrees that brushing your pet’s teeth is the ideal way to handle dental care, the reality is that some pets will not tolerate having their mouths handled. In these situations, there are a couple of solutions to still provide your with good dental hygiene.

One solution is to switch your pet’s regular diet to a food that helps with tarter control. Purina and Hill’s both produce prescription pet foods specifically designed for tarter control. Some non-prescription options can be found at your local pet store. Always check with your veterinarian about which one of these diets would be most appropriate for your pet.

Another option is to incorporate dental chews into your pet’s routine. Ideally, you want to look for products that have the Veterinary Oral Health Council stamp of approval.  Other products may work as well, but these have passed some specific rigorous standards. Greenies dental chews are one great choice–available in both regular and lite varieties to accommodate those pets who are watching their weight.

Your veterinarian may have recommendations as to which dental chew might be best for your pet. You may have to try a couple different varieties to find one that agrees with your pet. Always read the directions on the packaging, because some are not intended for daily use. Even if you’re able to brush your pet’s teeth, supplementing with the occasional dental chew only benefits the dental health of your furry companion!

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