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The Dogs of the Mayflower

english springer spaniel mayflower blogPilgrims weren’t the only passengers traveling to the new world on the Mayflower. Records indicate that there were two canines onboard for the historic voyage across the Atlantic.

John Goodman, a 25-year-old passenger on the Mayflower, brought along his English Springer Spaniel and his Mastiff. The names of these two dogs were not recorded, but their contributions to establishing the settlement were. The canines provided protection and accompanied the pilgrims while hunting. This isn’t surprising considering Mastiffs (pictured left) are known for their powerful loyalty and Springer Spaniels (pictured right) have a talent for hunting.

mastiff mayflower blogGoodman died during the pilgrims’ first harsh winter and it’s not known exactly what happened to his dogs. It’s likely that surviving colonists took over their care.

To learn more about the history of these breeds, check out VetDepot’s Springer Spaniel and Mastiff dog breed guides.

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