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The Ideal Gift for Pet Lovers – A Gift Certificate!

VetDepot Gift CardThis past year has been tough economically for many pet lovers. For owners struggling to keep up with the cost of pet care, a gift certificate is a great option.

Many veterinary clinics will make up a simple gift certificate in the amount you want or simply add a credit to a friend’s account. Covering a wellness exam or blood work for a senior pet might be very much appreciated. Do you know someone getting a new puppy, kitten or older adoptee pet? A veterinary gift certificate is a great choice for them too.

Many people are being extra careful about where their charitable donations are going these days. It’s nice to know exactly where your donation is going, so purchasing a VetDepot pet supply gift certificate for your local shelter is a fantastic way to help homeless pets ring in the new year!

Another plus to a gift certificate is that you can do this last minute- a saving grace for those who sometimes get caught by the rapid approach of the holidays!

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