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The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Eight Big U.S. Cities

chihuahua puppies blogHave you ever wondered which dog breed is most popular in your city? Below are the most popular (purebred) pooches in eight major metropolitan areas across the country.

Phoenix, Arizona: Chihuahua (pictured right)

Denver, Colorado: Labrador Retriever

Seattle, Washington: Shih Tzu

Dallas, Texas: German Shepherd

cute black lab puppy blogLos Angeles, California: Chihuahua

Las Vegas, Nevada: American Pit Bull Terrier

Charlotte, North Carolina: Labrador Retriever (pictured left)

New York, New York: Yorkshire Terrier

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  • Cathy reynolds November 18, 2014, 9:23 am

    It amazes me that chihuahuas are so popular in California. Lots of rescues rescue hundreds of chihuahuas out of California all of the time because the amount of them being killed in shelters down there. Around here they are one of the few small breeds that people don’t want. Sad they have been so overbred that they are being born missing limbs.

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