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The Most Popular Names for 5 Big Dog Breeds

great dane blogThe bigger the dog, the bigger the heart. Some people have a soft spot for big breeds, and their unique ability to simultaneously be protectors and giant lap dogs. Sometimes, big dogs get names that match their size, like Bear or Rocky. Other times, pet parents opt for friendlier sounding names like Buddy or Bella. Below are the most popular names for five big dog breeds:

Great Dane

Female: Bella, Daisy, Lucy
Male: Duke, Zeus, Max

Siberian Husky

Female: Sasha, Sheba, Tasha
Male: Max, Dakota, Bandit


Female: Roxy, Sasha, Sadie
Male: Bear, Max, Rocky

German Shepherd

Female: Lady, Sadie, Sasha
Male: Max, Bear, Buddy


Female: Bella, Roxy, Daisy
Male: Rocky, Max, Tyson

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  • JUlie September 9, 2015, 3:59 am

    My big dogs names are much more imaginative! My Pyrenees LGD are named, Sasquatch. Samaritan, Polaris, Alexander (the Great) and Montaigne. My females are Star, Karherine (the Great) and my Husky is Everest (male).

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