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The Price Tag on Dog Ownership

When considering dog ownership, it’s hard to think realistically through the expenses involved with that sweet puppy face staring back at you. But that fact of the matter is, committing to Fido also means a serious financial obligation. According to the American Pet Products Association, dog owners can expect to spend approximately $1400 per year on their canine companion.

This figure isn’t all that surprising when you think about all that’s involved in dog ownership. In 2010, Americans spent an estimated $18.28 billion on dog food alone. Routine veterinary visits account for over $200 a year per dog, not including any necessary medication or unexpected emergency care. Combine these costs with the price of treats, toys, grooming, training, supplies and boarding- and many owners find themselves with a hefty monetary commitment to the health and happiness of their canine friend.

But this expense doesn’t go without reward. Many dog owners can’t imagine life without coming home to that happy face and wagging tail at the end of every day. Dogs provide years of love and loyal companionship, but for the sake of both you and your furry friend, it’s best to be financially prepared for cost of responsible pet ownership.

To help relieve some of the expense, dog owners can save up to 60% on their pet med and pet supply needs at www.vetdepot.com.

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