The Westminster Champion: All About the Affenpinscher

by VetDepot on February 18, 2013

Affenpinscher editedWith a big win for the Toy breed, Banana Joe representing the Affenpinscher, many families will be looking at this breed as a potential family member. Having a breed win Best In Show at Westminster is a double-edged sword.

It is wonderful to have people exposed to a different and unusual breed. The national parent club and responsible breeders do panic a bit though. The Affenpinscher Club of America promotes the health, care and responsible custodianship of their beloved breed. With a spurt of popularity, fears of increased puppy mill activity show up. Expect to be thoroughly questioned by a reputable breeder if an Affenpinscher is in your future, but don’t be put off by this. Most breeders just want to protect their dogs.

Affenpinschers are known as the “monkey dog” for their cute faces. They have a wash and wear coat, which requires minimal care, but a slicker brush and a comb are helpful. Regular coat care will keep your Affen cute in appearance and comfortable. As with many Toy breeds, you need to stay on top of dental care. Plan on regular tooth brushings, providing dental chews and using dental sprays as needed.

While Affenpinschers are small and cute, they can be independent, downright stubborn and clever at avoiding what you want them to do. Patience and persistence are two virtues you will need to train your little monkey dog. You will need to be clever yourself to outsmart these dogs!

Some Affenpinschers love children but others do not. Many breeders hesitate to place toy dogs with a family with small children due to fear of injury to the dog. An Affenpinscher pup running and playing with a group of children could easily get hurt if a child stumbles and falls on him. This breed should always be supervised if around children to keep the dog safe.

In general, Affenpinschers are healthy dogs, but there are some genetic conditions to be aware of. Reputable breeders will have tested their dogs used for breeding and can provide clearances for eyes and patellars (kneecaps) as well as hip clearances.

An Affenpinscher could be the perfect dog for your family if you do your homework and have the right situation for one of these Toy dogs.

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