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Ready For Friday? So Are These Animals!

dogcowsquareWednesdays and Thursdays are a mixed bag of people that are excited for Friday, people that are frustrated that it isn’t yet Friday, and people who share both sentiments. Needless to say, Thursday conjures up many conflicting emotions, and the storm doesn’t calm until the sweet smell of Friday falls upon us. What does Friday smell like, you ask? Well, Friday’s scent is a mixture between freedom, fun, and relaxation – among other things. Here are some animals that are definitely on the same page as us, who are also suffering from a case of the “Thursdays”:

  1. This Miniature Donkey in a Hammock: I don’t think you can get anymore relaxed than this, to be honest with you. Nothing says ultimate lounging than to swing softly back and forth in your own hammock paradise. Although this little guy is maybe a little bit TOO relaxed for a Thursday (you still have one more day of work, buddy!), I’m going to assume that he is still being very productive and thinking up new ways to increase the sales performance of the company he works for. donkeyhammock2
  2. This Defiant Cat Throwing a Temper Tantrum: We all have been there; you’ve just finally had enough of either someone or something, and you are just DONE with them. You may even utter the words, “I’m so over it,” which is a clear sign that you are definitely at your limit as far as irritation is concerned. Don’t worry though, you can just knock something over, in order to feel like you have some kind of control over/release for your stress. Also, no one gets hurt, which is definitely a plus!catknockingthingovertumblr
  3. These Two Chihuahuas Who Are Ready for a Movie Night: A little bit early for the popcorn, isn’t it? Oh well, they’re already ready for a night in with a good film and some crunchy snacks. Anyway, you can have a Thursday movie night AND a Friday movie night, right? Is there some kind of rule book that says you can’t? NOPE.popcorncropped
  4. This Cat Who Is Desperately Trying To Pass the Time: Okay, so based on the fact that this cat is playing with a shoe, I’m going to assume that they are bored out of their mind and trying to just occupy themselves until Friday rolls around. Cats do enjoy playing with some strange objects, but I have never seen a cat enjoy a shoe in this manner before. Maybe they are dreaming of a future shoe shopping spree? I don’t know, but either way they are ready for the weekend!catandshoe
  5. This SwanWho Is Narrowly Avoiding Their Goose Coworker:  Sometimes you have just had enough of someone and it may not even be their fault (but it usually is). Whether it’s their constant penchant for unnecessary chit-chat, their absurdly loud laugh, or semi-offensive humor, by Thursday, it’s sometimes necessary to avoid them altogether. They may even be a super nice, fun, person; but the fact that you are around them for 8 hours, 5 days a week, every week, is enough to need some space. Even if you are going to the same place as them, you may quietly and sneakily trail behind them so that you don’t have to walk WITH them and talk about the latest celebrity scandal that they heard about, or be forced to watch an underwhelming “hilarious” or “cool” video and pretend that you like it.shadygoose
  6. This Puppy Who Is Taking Out Their Frustration on a Lemon: A little similar to the cat that chooses to knock something over in a form of protest, this puppy is taking a bit more of a dramatic approach. Instead of casually knocking something over, he/she is choosing to scream/bark at an inanimate object. It’s great to have inanimate objects be the subject of your rage, because no one gets their feelings hurt! Sometimes a release is necessary, especially if you literally just don’t know what to do with yourself except scream and shout. It doesn’t even have to be obscenities, it can just be good ol’ fashioned gibberish or groaning! We really hope that this puppy is in a better mood tomorrow…doglemontwitter
  7. This Dwarf Hamster Who Fell Asleep By Accident: Yikes, nothing is more embarrassing than falling asleep when you definitely didn’t mean to! To make it worse, this little one woke up from his accidental nap because he rolled and fell onto the ground! Hopefully no one at the office saw this, otherwise he will NOT live this down. Even if there wasn’t anyone around to witness this faux pas, I’m sure he was pretty startled to suddenly wake up from a nap that he didn’t intend on taking. The silver lining in this situation is that at least they were able to steal a snooze for a little bit? Now they are ready to take on the rest of their Thursday, and power through to Friday!hamsterfallcropped
  8. This Dog Who Is Not Taking Anymore of Its Ferret Friend’s Tomfoolery: It appears as though perhaps this game of “ferret biting the dog’s ear” has finally gotten to be a little old for the dog. Usually a good sport, the dog is finally ready to stand his ground and tell his ferret friend to just stop it already. Kind of like your coworker that keeps telling you either the same thing over and over again, or insists on teasing you as a joke even though you don’t find it funny whatsoever. Enough is eventually enough, and if you mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns! Er, in this case, if you mess with the dog, you’ll get a stern growl? It’s alright though, by next week you’ll be able to tolerate this pest’s shenanigans once more (until it is Thursday again).ferretbitecropped
  9. This Dog Who Is Caught in a Gathering That He Cannot Escape: Ugh, do you ever suddenly find yourself in a flock of people – either coworkers, customers, passersby, etc. – and you literally don’t know how to get out of the situation? Sometimes when they surround you and start talking to you, asking you questions, or in this case licking you (which hopefully isn’t the case) – it is very difficult to excuse yourself and get back to what you were doing. Do you make the old, “Well, I have to get back to work,” statement which clearly means, “I am done with this interaction now.”? Or, do you smoothly make a joke, and while everyone’s laughing, you walk off casually while snickering and perhaps patting a coworker’s shoulder as you exit? Either way, being stuck in a social trap is definitely a sign that Friday cannot come soon enough.dogcowsquare
  10. This Cat Who Cannot Massage One More Person Or They’ll Lose Their Cool: Sure, getting a massage is extremely relaxing, there is absolutely no question about that (unless you have a fear of being touched). But have you ever thought about what it’s like to be the person GIVING the massage? It probably gets pretty monotonous after a while, spending at least a half hour to an hour touching someone’s back continuously in as many soothing ways as possible. Not to mention, their hands and fingers probably begin to cramp after a while don’t you think? Also, there usually isn’t any conversations going on while this is all happening, so it’s probably kind of boring and perhaps uncomfortable. Either way, this cat masseuse definitely can’t give one more massage or else they may just run out of the room never to be seen again.

So when you have a case of the “Thursdays,” just remember these wise animals and learn from their examples. It will be Friday soon enough, so just keep telling yourself that the weekend is near, and it’ll all be alright! Until then, the countdown to Friday begins…

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