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These 10 Animals Know How To Keep Cool This Summer!


It’s like a desert out here! Oh wait…

Summer is officially here, and the heatwaves are already beginning! In some areas of the country, temperatures have already reached over 110 degrees, which is nothing short of scorching. Because of these oven-like conditions, it is extremely important to stay hydrated at all times, and be aware of how the heat affects your body in general. Obviously if you have pets (which you probably do since you’re reading this blog), then you MUST also be extremely vigilant about your pets’ health in these hot conditions as well! Pets are even MORE sensitive to these drastically high temperatures, due to many of them not having the ability to sweat, and compounded by the fact that their circulatory systems and organs are much smaller than ours – making their susceptibility to overheating and heatstroke considerably higher than ours. Don’t worry though, we’ve already given advice on how to ensure that your pets stay cool this summer without any chance of falling victim to heat stroke! For further inspiration though, here are some animals that definitely have got this “keeping cool” thing down pat:


  1. This little piglet who always has enough water to drink…and also to blow bubbles in! Have you ever seen anything as cute as this? On a serious note though, your pet should ALWAYS have water in their bowl, whether they are inside or outside. If you are outside with them (or leave them out for a very short time) they *MUST* have water at all times! You may think that they have enough, but check to make sure that they do at least two or three times an hour. You never know how fast your dog will drink its water, or how quickly it will evaporate – not to mention, what if your pet spills it (on purpose or on accident)? Then they’ll have an empty bowl and you won’t even know! Just think of this little piglet blowing bubbles in his water and you’ll remember to make sure your pet is always hydrated! dogpool
  2. This dog who isn’t quite sure what to do in a swimming pool…but is keeping cool anyway! This dog seems pretty confused as to what he should do with himself, even though there are several dogs swimming, playing, and splashing all around him. It’s okay though, because at least he is in a refreshing pool, free of the danger of heat exhaustion! It appears that he can stand pretty comfortably in the pool, so he doesn’t even have to swim to enjoy the water. That’s pretty convenient, isn’t it? If your dog has never been in the pool before, make sure that you go into the pool WITH THEM and show it the exit in case it becomes afraid and wants to get out. If there are no stairs or steps, and only a ladder, then make sure you are ready to pull them out if they appear to panic. All dogs should instinctively know how to swim, but nothing would be sadder than a panicking dog in a swimming pool! frenchiewatermeloncropped
  3. This French Bulldog that is enjoying a watermelon snack…while sitting inside of it! I don’t know who had this brilliant idea, but this watermelon-eating Frenchie is one of the most adorable things I have seen this year. Watermelon is a great summer snack for everyone due to its extremely high water content of 92% (hence the name), and it is completely safe for dogs and other animals to eat! Just be sure to either give them seedless watermelon, or remove the seeds yourself – because the seeds could cause an intestinal blockage. It also probably isn’t a good idea to let them chew on the rind, since it can upset their stomach. Don’t worry, if your dog cannot fit inside of a watermelon, it can still adorably enjoy the hydration power that it provides!elephantmud
  4. This elephant who is having a bunch of fun…in a giant mud puddle! Okay, so obviously elephants should *NOT* be kept as pets, but this fine specimen has a great idea to keep cool. Lots of animals roll around in mud to keep cool, and if you’re willing to let your dog (or other pet) do it, then they’ll have a load of fun! It will be quite messy, but as long as you keep the muddiness contained to your yard, then what could go wrong? In my eyes, all that could happen in this situation is endless entertainment for everyone involved – because let’s be real, that’d be hilarious and adorable to watch. catfan
  5. This cat who has a fan…but doesn’t understand its intended purpose! In their defense, they are probably playing a game of “cat and mouse” er…”cat and fan” and thinks that it can catch the propeller, even though that is not the intended purpose of the fan. I guess as long as there isn’t a chance that the cat can hurt themselves, this can be a harmless game – probably still not recommended. But, a piece of advice we can take away from this is that if your house is hot, you can put a fan by your pet’s bed, or anywhere in the room. Even if your house has working air conditioning, a small fan or ceiling fan would be nice to provide a breeze, however slight it may be.dogbeachcropped
  6. This dog who is so happy to be at the beach…that they pretty much almost run on water! Is this dog touching the ground at all, or just lightly skipping across the ocean shore? Who knows, but he is obviously ecstatic to be there, and so are the other dogs as well! If you have never brought your dog to a dog beach, it is quite a magical experience. Everywhere you look, there are canines frolicking in the water, having the best time of their lives. I highly recommend you take your pets to a dog beach – and I have even heard of people bringing other animals such as pigs and cats there! Of course, as with any pet-populated public area, take precautions to ensure that your pet is as safe as possible.
  7. cockatoosprinkler These Cockatoos that discovered the joys of a sprinkler…a simple yet refreshingly fun time! Remember playing in sprinklers as a child? Well, your pets will find them just as amazing as you did! There are so many different types of sprinklers, from this standard yard sprinkler, to more fun designs specifically made for kids. There are even sprinklers designed with PETS in mind! You can also even create your own DIY sprinkler with an empty container such as a bottle or jug, poke holes in it, and connect it to your hose! If you are the laziest person in the world, then you can literally just spray your pet with the hose. There are so many possibilities, it is worth trying out!icecubestwitter
  8. This Husky that somehow got its own personal cooling system…in the form of an ice chute! I don’t know if you need to put THIS much effort into cooling off your animal, but hey – if you’re willing to, go for it! Also take note that this is a Husky, who is built for exposure to icy weather and snow, so obviously it can handle this treatment. If you have a tiny Chihuahua or Dachsund, this probably isn’t a good idea. A smaller dog or a dog without a thick coat of fur could get too cold, and possibly get hypothermia. This would be counterproductive considering you are trying to keep your dog from overheating, only to accidentally make it get too cold. Maybe just a small ice bath would do the trick for your dog, not its personal hail storm. LOLcaticeball
  9. These cats who have found their new love…ice balls! Much like the Husky above, these felines are enjoying some fun ice shenanigans in the form of ice balls! It’s as easy as filling up a balloon with water, throwing it into the freezer, and then waiting til it freezes. Then put it in a dish, their bowl, a tub, on the ground, wherever – and they will have a ball (pun intended, sorry)! You can of course do this with your dogs, ferrets, rabbits, and other small mammals too (except maybe Chinchillas, since they might get wet)! If you want to take it a step further, you can even make some pupsicles/petsicles/catsicles out of water, and other yummy pet-safe foods and liquids. Here is a recipe to get you started on your frozen fun!dogsinbucketcropped
  10. These pups who found that a bucket of water…can also double as a pool! No swimming pool, no problem! Literally just fill up a bucket, a large bowl, a bin, or even your sink with water and you have an instant pool! Watching your pet play around in the DIY pool will be so adorable, and even though it can’t swim, it can splash around and have buckets of fun (again, pun intended)! A little bit of water goes a long way, and it can really help your beloved companion stay cool! Also, make sure you videotape them playing in the water because you’ll want to share that all over your social media accounts. Speaking of which, if you want loads of adorable animal GIFs (animations) like the ones in this post, follow our Tumblr!


    Apparently this dog didn’t hydrate enough…:( Just kidding, they’re only sleeping!

Hopefully these animals gave you some good ideas and inspiration to keep your OWN pets cool in these hot summer months! Remember to always exercise safety and caution whenever you try ANYTHING with your pet for the first time – whether it’s swimming, pupsicles, or even eating watermelon. Although everything on this list is safe, you never know how your pet will react to something, behaviorally or physically. As long as hydration (for yourself AND your pets) is the number one thing on your mind, you’ll be A-OKAY this summer! Stay cool!

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