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Think Snow Safety for Pets

snow safety blogSnow is falling in many areas across the country. While some pets enjoy playing in the snow, it can be dangerous so it’s important to keep snow safety in mind.

  • If you are shoveling snow, keep your dogs and cats indoors. It is easy to accidentally hit your pet with the shovel – especially dogs who love to play with the thrown snow. Small dogs and cats could also be injured by the thrown snow itself.
  • Snow plows cannot see pets along the road. Keep your pets indoors or behind a safe fence. If you are out walking, obey traffic safety rules and wear something bright like an orange hunting safety vest. Put one on your dog too.
  • Snowblowers can be extremely dangerous for pets. The snow is thrown with force and could seriously injure a pet if hit.
  • Shovel a path for your smaller dogs to go out outside. A small amount of bounding through snow is fun but it’s easy for dogs to pull muscles running through deep snow.
  • Remove frozen snow and ice chunks from the hair on your dog’s feet when he comes in. Your house will stay cleaner and your dog will appreciate the care. Use grooming scissors to trim any excess hair off of your dog’s feet to reduce the amount of ice that can get stuck.
  • Horses also tend to appreciate having the “snowballs” removed from their feet at night.
  • When your horse comes in after a snowy day, wipe the snow built up on his body off in the barn aisle. He will dry and warm up faster that way.


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