Three Dog Breeds that are Gentle Giants

by VetDepot on July 2, 2014

sweet great dane blogIt’s not uncommon for big dogs to have even bigger hearts. Provided with a loving home and training, many large breeds make fantastic family companions. Below are three giant breeds that make especially loving pets:

1.) Great Dane (pictured): These large dogs can weigh as much as 150 pounds, which can be intimidating to some, until they realize it’s 150 pounds of pure love. They’re known for getting along great with children and having an affectionate disposition.

2.) Newfoundland: These huge dogs are typically goofy and sweet-natured. They’re also extremely watchful of their family, including kids.

3.) Irish Wolfhound: This breed may be one of the tallest, but it’s also one of the friendliest. Wolfhounds don’t make very good watchdogs because of their tendency to get along with everyone.

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