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Three Great Cat Breeds for Kids

cats for kids blogHaving a pet can benefit children in so many ways, from teaching them responsibility to enhancing social skills. If your family is considering a feline addition, below are a few breeds that tend to settle in quite well in households with children:

1. Ragamuffin (pictured): These lap cats are known for showering their human companions with love. Ragamuffins are very tolerant of children and will often follow them from room to room.

2. Maine Coon: These large cats typically have great personalities and get along wonderfully with children and other animals. This breed also excels at walking on a leash, which can be a fun activity for kids to share with their feline companion.

3. Selkirk Rex: These cats are known for being tolerant and laid back, making them ideal for homes with small children. Plus, their affectionate nature is perfect for any family.

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