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Three Things Pets Have Trouble Communicating to Their Owners

photogenic cat editAs a loving and devoted pet parent, you’d probably like to think that you understand everything your pet is feeling. In reality, however, this isn’t always the case. Below are three things owners don’t always pick up on when it comes to their pets:

1.) Pain: Although pets are capable of limping and crying, symptoms of pain in dogs and cats are often much more subtle. Reluctance to play, less enthusiasm for walks, and struggling to jump up on furniture are all signs that your canine or feline companion might be experiencing pain. If you notice your pet is displaying these behaviors or slowing down, make an appointment to discuss these concerns with a vet.

2.) Fear: Don’t assume your pet’s aggression is a dominance issue. Aggressive behaviors are often a sign of fear, which needs to be dealt with in a different manner than dominance issues by an animal behaviorist.

3.) Resentment: Both dogs and cats are capable of being territorial, so your four-legged companion may not appreciate a new pet in the house. If you bring a new animal into your home, keep an eye out for subtle changes in behavior and discuss any concerns with a veterinarian or a behaviorist. It’s better to be proactive than for an altercation to occur.

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