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Tips for Giving Your Dog Liquid Medication

Pug puppy editedIf your dog has ever been prescribed a liquid medication, you’re probably well aware that administration can be tricky. Below are some tips for making the medicine go down a little easier:

•Use the buddy system: It’s always easier if there are two people present during this process. One person can hold the dog still and provide comfort, while the other can administer the medication.

•Use the proper technique: Insert the tip of the syringe or dropper into the corner of your dog’s mouth between the teeth and the cheek. Be sure to aim the dropper toward your dog’s throat.

•Don’t tilt your dog’s head back: This could cause the medication to be inhaled instead of swallowed. Instead, gently hold your dog’s mouth closed and stroke your dog’s throat to encourage swallowing.

•Offer a reward: Make sure your dog associates this process with something positive by offering a treat afterward.

Remember, it’s important that all pet medications are given for the full length of time prescribed. If your dog is putting up too much of a struggle, it’s always okay to ask your veterinarian to demonstrate proper administration technique.

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  • Scott April 15, 2014, 8:39 pm

    I make my dog mini pancakes – about the size of a quarter. I let them bubble really well before turning them so one side has holes. I take one of the pancakes and drip the medication in it. He gobbles it right up!

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