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Tomorrow is World Veterinary Day!

international vet day editedApril 27 has been designated as World Veterinary Day in honor of the veterinary profession. The theme of this year’s World Veterinary Day is vaccination. Keeping pets updated with their vaccinations protects them from dangerous diseases like parvovirus. Some vaccinations, like the rabies vaccination, protect against zoonotic diseases (diseases that can be spread from animal to human).

This day also serves as a great reminder to make an appointment with your vet if your pet is overdue. Annual veterinary checkups ensure an animal’s vaccinations are always up-to-date, that pets are at a healthy weight, and are also a great opportunity for pet owners to discuss any questions or concerns with a professional.

Remember, VetDepot can only dispense prescription pet medications with the approval of a licensed U.S. veterinarian. So, if your pet’s prescription is expiring soon, a checkup is also a good time to discuss refills.

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