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Top 10 Signs that You Could be Dealing with a Pet Emergency

pet-emergencyWhen a pet is sick, injured, or having an adverse reaction to a pet medication at an inconvenient time-owners are faced with deciding whether a situation warrants veterinary care. Below is a list of 10 very serious symptoms that are often associated with emergencies.  If your pet is suffering from any of the following, call your veterinarian immediately.

  1. Difficulty breathing
  2. Severe pain
  3. Profuse vomiting- This is most serious if water can’t be kept down, blood is present in the vomit, or the animal is deeply depressed or in pain.
  4. Repeated unsuccessful attempts at vomiting- This is of particular concern if accompanied by an enlarged abdomen, which can be a sign of gastric dilatation and volvulus (a life-threatening condition that most commonly affects large breed dogs).
  5. Profuse, watery diarrhea particularly in puppies- To check for dehydration, pinch your pet’s skin, it should immediately return to its normal position if your pet is properly hydrated.
  6. Large amounts of blood in the stool
  7. Seizures- If your pet has been seen by a veterinarian for seizures before and has an episode that lasts for less than one minute, follow your vet’s recommendations regarding when you should call.  If this is the first time you have witnessed your pet having a seizure if it is especially severe, call the vet’s office immediately.  The doctor can decide whether or not it is an emergency based on your pet’s symptoms and medical history.
  8. A severely depressed attitude or lack of response when talked to or touched
  9. Extreme weakness, unsteadiness when standing or walking, or collapse
  10. Bleeding that results in a trail of drops when a pet is moving or pools when resting

Of course, if you are unsure of your pet’s condition, it is always better to err on the side of caution and call your veterinarian for advice.


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