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Top 10 ways to find a good Veterinarian

  1. finding-a-veterinarianAsk your friends, family members, neighbors, groomers, staff at boarding facilities, and anyone else who has or works with animals who they use and what their veterinarian’s strengths and weaknesses are.
  2. Check out a few of the recommended clinics.  Different people want different things from their veterinary hospitals, so what works best for one person may not be ideal for you.
  3. Stop in unannounced and take a look at the reception area.  It should be clean and not have any unpleasant odors associated with it.
  4. Talk to the receptionists.  Are they attentive and easy to speak with or are they aloof and abrupt?  The attitudes of reception staff often mirror those found throughout the hospital.
  5. Ask to take a tour of the hospital.  This may need to be scheduled in advance, but staff members should seem proud to “show off” their work place.
  6. Make an appointment to bring in your pet for a wellness examination.  The time to “shop” for a veterinarian is when your pet is healthy, not during a health crisis.  Ask how after hours emergencies are handled.
  7. Watch how veterinary assistants, technicians, and the doctors themselves interact with animals.  Do they talk to them, try to put them at ease, and handle them as gently as the circumstances allow?
  8. Veterinary staff and doctors should explain what they are doing and answer your questions clearly.
  9. Costs should be discussed openly.  A written estimate should be presented if you ask for one.
  10. And finally, be willing to change veterinarians.  Try not to over-react to minor mishaps (we all have our off days), but if your gut tells you that your current vet is no longer right for you, don’t hesitate to start looking around for another one.
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