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Top 10 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture

  1. cat-scratching-furnitureAccept that you won’t stop your cat from scratching.  Your goal is to redirect the behavior to an appropriate surface.
  2. Try several different types of scratching posts to find the ones that your cat likes best and then buy or make several so that your cat doesn’t have to look far to find one.
  3. Remember that some cats prefer to scratch on horizontal surfaces while others like vertical posts better.
  4. Try different materials.  Your cat may like carpeted scratching posts, corrugated cardboard, wood or those that are covered in rope.
  5. Place your scratching posts near the areas that your cat likes to scratch.  As he or she begins to use them you can slowly move them to where you eventually want them to be.
  6. Use a cat attractant on the new posts.  Catnip often works well.
  7. Make the areas where your cat has been scratching unattractive.  Use double sized tape, aluminum foil or sprays.
  8. Keep your cats nails trimmed short.  Using a small trimmerwith sharp blades makes the job easier.
  9. Consider using Soft Paws nail covers.
  10. As a last resort, talk to your veterinarian about declawing.  With appropriate pain relief, the procedure can be done in a humane manner and might be worth considering if a cat is very destructive.
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