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Topical Dewormer Now Available for Cats

Giving oral medication to a cat is a unique form of torture for all involved.  Almost invariably, cats hate the taste of anything forced into their mouths.  They will fight you tooth and nail (literally) while simultaneously producing amazing amounts of drool and smearing it, and the medication that was supposed to be swallowed, over every available surface.  Depending on the cat’s personality, they’ll finish the event of by giving you a look that either seems to say “how could you?” or “I’ll get you for that.”  Definitely not fun.

Thankfully, a new deworming option is now available for cats – Profender.  This product is applied topically, absorbed through the skin, and kills roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms.  However, it has some disadvantages in comparison to traditional oral dewormers:  it is available by prescription only and it does seem to have more side effects.  But if your cat has worms and you just can’t get that pill down her throat, it’s an option worth trying.

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