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Tricks and Treats for Pets!

For our pets, when it comes to Howl’oween, it’s more about treats than tricks!

With this upcoming event comes the annual cautionary tale not to let them near that stash of candy that the kids in the household are collecting because all that sugar and chocolate is very dangerous to their health.

Fortunately, there are a lot of fabulous healthy pet-centric alternatives. Some pet bakeries really go to town creating doggie cookies in a variety of shapes from cats to pumpkins. But remember, quantity control counts.

Veterinarians suggest that no more than ten percent of a pet’s diet should be treats. And, taking it a step further, those treats should be functional too.

A functional treat is defined as one that contains ingredients that will benefit the pet in some way apart from just tasting good. NutriSentials Lean Treats are the perfect example offering fur kids something tasty but low calorie and functional.  The Dog Lean Treats have added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support, while Lean Treats for Cats have taurine, an important ingredient in the feline diet to promote improved vision and heart health.

Treats can also be used to train both cats and dogs to do tricks too. So yes, pets can trick and treat. It can be fun to train a cat to do tricks that are normally associated with dogs such as shaking paws and giving you a high five.

Cats that lead a safe indoor-only lifestyle can be taught to walk on a leash and then go trick or treating along with the family, providing that too many over-boisterous dogs do not populate the neighborhood! Teaching a cat to walk on a leash and taking her out and about is a great way of enriching her life.

To use treats for leash training, behaviorists advise breaking down the training into numerous small steps. First, let your cat interact with the harness and leash. Put in on the floor and put a treat down. Next, put the harness on and give another treat. That way your cat is focusing on the treat and not on how strange the harness may feel. If she walks a few steps, give her another treat. And carry on until you feel comfortable enough to go outside and take a little walk.

Happy Howl’oween to you and your four-legged tricksters!

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