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Turning Your Dog’s Regular Bath Into a “Spaw” Experience

dog-bathIt’s very easy to turn your dog’s regular bath into a fun “spaw” experience that will also enhance the quality time you spend together. See below for a few tips that are sure to make bath time more enjoyable.

•Start by getting everything ready before you bring your dog anywhere near the tub. Have your shampoo and conditioner bottles open and ready for use. If necessary, decant the required amounts into squeeze-type bottles to make it easy to apply all over your dog’s body. Place a towel or a rubber mat in the bath so that your pet feels secure standing in the tub.

•Try pre-heating your dog’s towel in the tumble dryer so that it’s nice and warm when he exits the tub. Investing in a FURminator towel wrap might help remove some excess water before you towel him dry.

•Lavender is a natural calmative. So burning lavender-scented candles will help create a calm and relaxed ambience in the room and also mask those wet doggie smells!

•Never use human shampoo on your pet. Dogs have a lower skin pH factor as well as different coat textures than human hair. Human products will dry out your pet’s skin and, with regular use, can cause skin irritation. Even a so-called “tearless” shampoo for babies can be very irritating to canine eyes.

•Dog shampoos are categorized by skin types or relevant skin conditions/treatments rather than by hair type and texture. A lot of pet parents select shampoo and conditioning products according to fragrance rather than the specific purpose of the products. Remember, Fido doesn’t really care whether he smells like a bouquet of roses or tropical fruit. Instead, read the labels carefully to ensure the product you’ve picked is specific in its particular functionality. Look for products that are botanical plant based and natural like DermAllay oatmeal shampoo.

•If your dog doesn’t visit a groomer on a regular basis, it’s worthwhile booking a single appointment to get professional advice on general hair and skin care needs in accordance with your fur kid’s lifestyle. For instance, a dog that enjoys regular romps on the beach and swims in the sea is going to need products that will combat the drying effects of the sun and salt water.

•All dogs shed and regular bathing and grooming can help keep the situation under control as well as removing dander and external organisms that might attempt to take up residence in your dog’s fur. It will reduce human allergies too and generally help keep your home cleaner too.

Grooming Lingo 101

While you’re becoming an expert home groomer, you might want to pick up some basic fur knowledge. Below are the definitions for different doggy coat types.

DOUBLE COAT: Double-coated dogs have just that — two coats, a topcoat and an undercoat

CURLY COAT: This fur look is the nearest thing to a natural doggy perm

SHORT, FLAT COAT: Short coats are defined as fur that doesn’t need to be shaved or cut

WIRE COATS: This fur type has an obvious “wiry” texture

LONGHAIRED FLAT COAT: This type of coat is recognized by firmer outer fur with fine hair underneath and long feathering on the legs

LONGHAIRED PARTED COAT: A lot of the canine glamorati slot in here with their well-accessorized long, silky hair

CORDED COAT: The doggy “Rastafarian look”

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