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Update Your Pet’s Identification Tag

This is a friendly reminder to update your pet’s identification tags and remember to keep them on your pet at all times. Sadly, accidents happen, pet’s get spooked or curious and every day pets go missing. Whether your pet is an inside or outside pet, it’s very important to keep a collar with their identification tag on them at all times. In the event your pet goes missing, their identification tag will aide in their safe return.

If your pet is microchipped it’s an added bonus. However, if your dog is microchipped but has no identification tag and becomes lost, any individual who may try to find the owner will need to take your pet to the nearest vet or shelter. While many individuals would go out of their way to help a pet who appears to be lost, sadly some individuals may not. However, keeping an identification tag on your dog allows any individual who finds your pet to easily contact you.

An identification tag greatly increases the chances of your lost pet coming back home to you. It’s important to keep your pet’s tag on them at all times and ensure the correct and updated information is on the tag.

Information included on your pet’s identification tag should include:

  • Your pet’s name
  • Your first and last name
  • Your address
  • Your Phone number


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