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VetDepot Halloween Costume Contest Entries!

The #VetDepotHalloween costume contest was a huge success this year, and we thank all who participated! We have never received so many submissions before, and we were so excited to receive so many photos of adorable animals wearing impressively cute costumes. As with any contest, not everyone can – because then it wouldn’t be a contest. In our case, we could only pick ONE first place out of the many who entered, and that winner took home a $100 gift card to VetDepot.com! The winner of this year’s #VetDepotHalloween costume contest was…

This pair of senior Boxers named Sprocket Rocket and Ratchet Junker! These two cuties dressed up as Jesse and Walter White (Heisenberg) from the iconic television show, Breaking Bad. Or should I say…Barking Bad? Extra creativity points for the pun, by the way (take note for next year). Jenn really took this costume contest seriously and elevated it to the next level!

The attention to detail in this (thanks to their owner, Jenn Gren) is absolutely amazing! The set, props, costumes, accessories, pun, and graphic all combine to make a perfect submission! After talking with Jenn, I also found out that she sought out the exact same model of RV that was used in the critically acclaimed show, messaged the owner and asked to take pictures in front of it! The owner agreed, and she drove 30 minutes with Sprocket, Ratchet, and all of the props and costumes to have this flawless photo shoot. If THAT isn’t dedication, then I don’t know what is!

Like I said, it wasn’t easy to choose the winner, due to all of the other amazing entries which included this dog named Chubz, who is dressed up in a Beauty and the Beast scene:


His owner Sandra put a lot of work into this scene as well, and I really admire the accuracy and artistic skill that went into the props and scenery! Chubz looks absolutely adorable as the Beast, and I’m sure he and Sandra are both very excited for the upcoming movie that he will be starring in. You have got to love the fact that Sandra included the Beast’s friend, Chip the tea cup!

Another close contender was this Chihuahua who has the classic angel and devil versions of himself on each shoulder, which is a genius costume concept. I love the fact that it was homemade as well, and this little guy rocked it:


Check out other awesome photos of this little cutie at @scasserly1 on Instagram! He also is dressed up as a Thanksgiving dinner and it is ridiculously precious.

Now, dogs weren’t the only ones who were entering our contest; there were plenty of kitties too! Check out this extremely adorable and creative costume that Oliver the cat is wearing:


Absolutely genius! His owners have always thought he looked like the Car Fox from the commercials, so they finally decided to dress him up as such this Halloween! Another cat that was killin’ the cat costume game was this 14-year-old cat named Philip:


He looks irritated, but his owner assures me that he just has “resting cat face” and that he actually loves dressing up. Also check out Leonidas, the 5-year-old cutie pie who dressed as a lion this year:


There were even couples’ costumes, such as this amazingly flawless pairing of Maleficent and the iconic dragon sidekick portrayed by her lovely pet Chameleon:

costumecontest8 costumecontest7

I really admire the amount of patience that went into making this tiny costume, as well as the care that it must have taken to put it on the Chameleon’s fragile little body! The end result is simply fantastic, extremely creative, and super unique. If there was a second place for this competition, they would definitely have taken the title. To keep up with future posts and photo shoots of these lovely BFFs, follow Karen’s instagram, @thunderandashes!

This couple’s costume was also very on point, thanks to the dedication of Mr. Grey (@adventuresofmrgrey on Insta) and his devoted mama! They decided to go as Elsa and Olaf from the movie Frozen:


Mr. Grey also decided to dress up as one of the Chick-Fil-A cows, but with a feline twist:


Mr. Grey is a very patient feline not only for letting his mother dress him in so many costumes – but for also accompanying her trick-or-treating around the neighborhood! Also note that he is wearing ANOTHER costume in this picture:


Can you say, “Cat of the Year Award”? Good job, you two for totally owning this whole Halloween thing!

Here are the rest of the cuties who entered our competition! Get ready for a cuteness overload:



costumecontest11 costumecontest10costumecontest6 costumecontest5 costumecontest4

Thanks again everybody for entering our contest, and we hope that you enter again next year. Now that you’ve seen what you’re up against, it’s time to pull out ALL the stops so you can win the prize next Halloween; since you have a whole year to do it!dachsundpumpkin



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