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Veterinary Waiting Room Do’s and Don’ts

vet waiting room blogPets have to visit the vet for all kinds of reasons. Whether it’s an annual checkup, vaccinations, your pet is dealing with a serious illness, it’s important to practice good waiting room etiquette. Below are four do’s and don’ts to stick to:

Don’t use a long, flexible leash: Giving your dog too much space to roam in the waiting room is a recipe for disaster. For the safety and comfort of everyone, keep your pup close to you on a sturdy, old-fashioned leash.

Do use a kitty carrier: When cats are scared, it’s no secret that the claws can come out. Protect yourself from getting injured and help your kitty feel safe and secure by using a carrier when visiting the vet.

Don’t let your dog greet everyone: Always ask before letting your dog “say hi” to another animal or person. Some dogs aren’t so dog-friendly and sick or injured animals may want their space. Don’t assume every person in the vet’s office wants to greet your dog either. A fellow pet owner may be emotionally preoccupied with an ill pet or even have a fear of large dogs (you never know).

Do pay attention: If you’re concentrating too hard on your text convo, you might miss cues that your pet is growing anxious, fearful, or aggressive because of something or someone in the room. Keep your eyes on your pet so you can provide comfort if necessary and keep them clear of any animals or people that they’re not reacting well to.

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  • Sara August 12, 2015, 5:57 am

    You never know why someone is at the vet. You don’t want your animal getting another because you don’t want your animal catching whatever the other animal may have!

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